The Apogee

Dynamic Oxygen Delivery with the Apogee

The Full Apogee System

The Apogee delivers oxygen uniquely compared to existing conservers or concentrators.

Rather than delivering to your lungs through both nostrils simultaneously, the Apogee corresponds to how your body is naturally breathing in real-time.

With patients like you who are already using the Apogee System, this typically results in much more effective therapy.

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What Makes Up The Apogee

Apogee Controller detailed

Dynamic Controller

The Apogee’s Dynamic Controller was developed to fit in the palm of your hand, similar to the size of a mobile phone. The Indicator Screen displays your current setting, the device’s battery life, and where each pulse is delivered (left or right nostril).

The Controller is included with every Dynamic Apogee Delivery System.

Bifurcated Cannula detailed

Bifurcated Cannula

The patented Dynamic Nasal Cannula is designed to work with the Dynamic Controller to deliver oxygen to the most open nostril.

Dynaris cannulas have two tubes fused together, one entering each nostril. Each nasal airway is sensed separately, and the full oxygen dosage is then sent directly to the most receptive nostril.

Apogee System detailed

Apogee Dynamic Oxygen Delivery System

The Full Apogee System has all the products and accessories needed to experience dynamic oxygen delivery. Apogee Carry Bags fit M6 tanks inside. Two straps are provided so you can figure out what’s most comfortable.

The Apogee Pouch goes on D and E Cylinders. Cylinders are not included.