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Oxygen delivery means nothing if it can’t reach its target.

Research shows that most people have uneven nasal airflow Yet most nasal cannulas split oxygen delivery approximately 50/50 to each nostril. That means up to half of the dose may be wasted.
Unlike most static oxygen conservers, Dynaris Powered Technology uses a patented cannula system designed to detect and deliver oxygen to the most patent naris. So patients can get their prescribed dosage without wasting oxygen through delivery to the occluded side. That’s because Dynaris Powered Technology is designed for the Nasal Cycle and other nasal resistance attributes.


Introducing Dynaris Powered Technology

What is the Nasal Cycle?

8-Hour Patient Breathing

8-Hour Nasal Cycle Airflow

The Nasal Cycle is a phenomenon where the nasal passages alternate congestion and decongestion in cycles. And it occurs all the time, day and night. Anywhere from 30 minutes to eight hours in a pattern of blockage. Most people have a dominant naris and nasal blockage either structural or from colds, allergies, etc. According to a recent study, all mammals nasal cycle.


Today’s Cannula Technology

With nasal blockage occurring, patients may not get their prescribed oxygen dose if half is sent to the occluded naris. So oxygen may have to be doubled, which is wasteful.


The answer to better oxygen therapy is as clear as the nose on your face.

Dynaris Powered Technology uses advanced engineering designed to determine the most patent naris and deliver the dose instantly. All, without wasting oxygen sent to the occluded side.

Halfway measures don’t measure up.

Most oxygen devices deliver 50% in each naris, through a cannula style unchanged since 1948. That means they can be delivering oxygen to blocked nasal passages, wasting the dose. To compensate, the oxygen amount may have to be doubled, which is not only wasteful, it’s expensive.


Dynaris Powered Technology

Dynaris Powered Technology detects the most patent naris and delivers the full oxygen dose immediately to the open passage.


An Open and Shut case for Dynaris.

With nasal blockage occurring, how can your patients get 100% of their dose?

Dynaris Powered Technology is dedicated to preventing under and over titration, providing consistent, predictable therapy, and decreasing waste, thereby greatly extending the range of an oxygen system.


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