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Introducing The Apogee

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The Apogee is designed for ambulatory oxygen use. Its unique dual sensors detect and deliver oxygen to the most open nasal passage throughout the day. By targeting oxygen delivery to a single passage, the closed passage has time to rest and rehydrate.

This unique design extends the life of the oxygen tank and lowers the cost of oxygen therapy. Mobile patients receive their prescribed levels of oxygen for far longer on the same sized tank — or can downsize to a lighter weight tank. This could mean a higher quality of life for patients who require oxygen therapy for conditions such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, and Covid-related illness.

Apogee Benefits

Oxygen Conservers

Although the Apogee when in its carry case may look similar to an oxygen conserver (which also greatly extends the duration of a tank of oxygen) they are quite different. Oxygen conservers — whether attached to an oxygen tank or built into a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) — must decrease the amount of oxygen delivered to the patient in order to extend the time before oxygen tanks or batteries are replaced. It is simple physics. (Because of this, some conservers have been shown to deliver not much more than room air.)

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs)

As POCs get smaller and lighter, it too often follows that oxygen volume and purity are reduced (with purity of the oxygen often falling below 88%).
(NOTE: Many oxygen conservers and POC’s also report that they provide ‘minute volume’ — delivering the same amount of oxygen to the patient each minute. Consequently, as the respiratory rate increases, the amount of oxygen delivered each breath must decrease in order to keep up with the increased breath rate. This could compromise delivering the prescribed oxygen to the patient.)


  • Dual Sensor Technology – The Apogee® detects the earliest breath and delivers oxygen ONLY to the more open nasal passage. It recognizes the receptive airway, directs oxygen, and eliminates waste.
  • Oxygen Purity – It maintains 99% pure, medical-grade oxygen and maintains the prescribed volume even with breath rates of 40, exceeding the industry’s highest rating standards.
  • Therapeutic Delivery – The Apogee® provides 20-50% more oxygen to a nostril than any device available! It achieves oxygen saturation levels efficiently via targeted, selective oxygen therapy.
  • Portability And Comfort – The Apogee® travels easily and weighs less than 5 lbs. It provides comfort by allowing the closed/blocked nostril to rest and helps to avoid irritation and dryness, equating to an enhanced user experience.
  • Longer Session Options – It enables up to 13 hours of oxygen therapy at the #1 setting (at a breath rate of 20). It can aid you in making it through longer therapy programs without tank-changing disruptions.

    The Apogee, Apogee System, and Cannula

     Apogee Controller

    Apogee Controller details

    Apogee System

    Apogee System details

    Custom Cannula

    Bifurcated Cannula detailed

    What To Expect When Purchasing An Apogee System

    When you order the Apogee, you will receive the following items:

    • Custom oxygen regulator
    • An oxygen system carry bag with shoulder straps (several colors and patterns available)
    • Specially designed nasal cannulas
    • A short hose to connect the Apogee conserver to the regulator
    • The Apogee Dynamic Conserver
    • A set of 3 batteries
    • An operating manual

    [Also included is a bypass nasal cannula should there be an unlikely system failure.]

    You simply need to attach the regulator to the oxygen tank supplied by your home medical equipment provider. The Apogee Dynamic Conserver fits in a side pocket on the carry bag. The nasal cannula connects to the Apogee Conserver.

    You will be able to view on the display the following:

    • Your nasal breathing pattern (indicating the most open nasal passage currently receiving the oxygen)
    • Battery strength
    • Your prescribed oxygen flow setting on the Apogee‘s display
    • All flow settings (off, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, or 6) which can be adjusted by turning a single knob
    • It’s just that simple. (You’ll even hear an alarm if the cannula is removed from your nose.)

    The Apogee Dynamic Conserver by itself is about the size and shape of a thick iPhone. It holds three AA batteries. With normal use, the batteries should last several months. The complete Apogee Dynamic Conserver system with an M6 oxygen tank in the carry bag weighs just under 5 pounds. This can provide you with over 13 hours on a single tank of 99% pure oxygen. The Apogee Conserver system will fit on any size tank. Because it is so efficient, however, we recommend the small 12” M6 oxygen tank … or even the smaller M4 oxygen tank which the carry bag accommodates.

    With the Apogee system, you will enjoy the lightest and longest-lasting portable oxygen system available.