Take Control of Migraine. Anytime, Anywhere.

Take Control of Migraine Anytime Anywhere

Treat and manage your migraine pain from the comfort of your home. Rather than do oxygen therapy the typical way, we’ve created an oxygen delivery system truly designed around your body’s needs. We use Dynaris-powered technology to make oxygen therapy for migraines safe, effective, and affordable to help you get the relief you need.

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A New Modality in Oxygen Delivery.

Dynaris has redefined oxygen therapy with its innovative approach, revolutionizing the industry for superior patient care. Traditional oxygen delivery methods may fall short due to nasal resistance, hindering the prescribed dosage of oxygen. Dynaris has developed the Apogee to tackle this challenge head-on. With its revolutionary Dynamic Oxygen Delivery technology, Apogee leverages the nasal cycle to ensure optimal oxygen delivery, maximizing its benefits to your body.

Migraine. Managed.

Apogee may solve the conundrum of pain relievers like triptans and NSAIDs. While these medications provide varying levels of symptom relief, they often come with unwanted side effects. Oxygen therapy may offer a safe alternative to managing migraine pain. Scientific research shows that oxygen therapy may effectively reduce the intensity of severe headache attacks by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and reducing inflammation, similar to triptan medications.

Migraine Meet Your Match.

Finally, a breakthrough technology that brings the cost-effectiveness and efficacy of oxygen therapy to individuals with migraine disease and headache disorders. The prompt self-administration of pulsed high-flow oxygen inhalation at symptom onset is feasible, safe, and holds significant potential as an effective acute migraine treatment. With Dynamic Oxygen Delivery, Apogee selectively delivers oxygen in a bolus mode, eliminating the need for a humidifier and reducing nasal irritation.

Dynaris Powered Technology.

At the heart of Apogee is our groundbreaking Dynamic Oxygen Delivery system. Using advanced sensors, it detects the nostril with the least resistance and delivers a selective oxygen dosage to the most open nostril. Why does this matter? Picture two roads — one clear and free-flowing, the other congested and slow-moving. As you would select the clear road to reach your destination more quickly, Apogee selects the least-resistant nostril for more efficient oxygen delivery.

Predictive Design. Unmatched Efficiency.

Apogee’s unique design goes beyond simply measuring resistance. Predicting your breathing patterns may help you receive the full oxygen dosage through the most open nostril at the optimal time. This remarkable predictive capability potentially makes Apogee the most efficient, pulsed high-flow oxygen treatment for migraine currently available on the market.

Focus On Your Life. Not Your Migraine.

What does this mean for you? Apogee may offer faster, more effective relief from migraine attacks, potentially alleviating the pain within 15 minutes. It maximizes the efficiency of oxygen delivery, reduces waste, and minimizes discomfort. The result? You may spend less time battling migraine and more time living your life.

Attack Migraine From Every Angle.

Migraine treatment isn’t a one–size–fits–all situation. Your migraine is unique to you, so your treatment plan should be specific to your needs. Clinical evidence suggests that the best treatment plan combines multiple therapies for many individuals. Apogee can work together with acute, preventive, behavioral, and lifestyle changes to help you get the relief you need.

Now’s the Time. Focus On Your Life.

If your current treatment plan isn’t working or you’re experiencing side effects you can’t tolerate, consider Apogee as an option. Pulsed high-flow oxygen therapy is becoming more attractive as a migraine treatment option because it’s safe, effective, and affordable. It’s time to stop focusing on your pain and start focusing on your life.

Get Relief With Apogee Today.

Ask your healthcare provider if Apogee can help relieve your migraine. All you have to lose is your pain. Questions about Apogee? Call us for support at (636) 778-1926.

What Makes Up The Apogee

Apogee Controller detailed

Dynamic Controller

The Apogee’s Dynamic Controller was developed to fit in the palm of your hand, similar to the size of a mobile phone. The Indicator Screen displays your current setting, the device’s battery life and where each pulse is being delivered (left or right nostril).

The Controller is included with every Dynamic Apogee Delivery System.

Bifurcated Cannula detailed

Bifurcated Cannula

The patented Dynamic Nasal Cannula is designed to work with the Dynamic Controller to deliver oxygen to the most open nostril.

Dynaris cannulas have two tubes fused together, one entering each nostril. Each nasal airway is sensed separately, and the full oxygen dosage is then sent directly to the most receptive nostril.

Apogee System detailed

Apogee System

The Full Apogee System comes equipped with all the products and accessories needed to start experiencing dynamic oxygen delivery. Apogee Carry Bags fit M6 tanks inside. Two straps are provided so you can figure out what’s most comfortable.

The Apogee Pouch goes on D and E Cylinders. Cylinders are not included.

Get Started With Apogee

Are you new to the Dynaris Apogee System? Or oxygen therapy in general? Please fill out our contact form to help us determine if the Apogee System is right for you or your loved one. Our Dynaris CARE team can help you get started.