Today’s Outdated Oxygen Technology

Oxygen patients are still using the same oxygen delivery design that hasn’t changed since 1948. As you can see in the graphic your current technology is attempting to deliver oxygen equally to both nasal passages. This delivery is often blocked by one of the nostrils. Up to 50% of prescribed oxygen could be wasted. You’re purchasing up to twice as much oxygen as you actually need.

An Open and Shut Case for Dynaris and the Apogee

With the nasal cycle occurring in all mammals, how exactly does Dynaris technology sense the airways and help to optimize oxygen delivery?

Dynaris Powered Technology in the Apogee is dedicated to preventing under and over titration and providing consistent predictable therapy while decreasing waste.

Our technology detects the most patent naris and delivers the full oxygen dose immediately to the open passage. Whenever oxygen is suddenly unable to travel freely, our technology will identify the blockage and immediately adjust airflow dynamically to the open airway. Dynaris Technology is the ONLY technology that uses this selective oxygen delivery to provide the most effective oxygen delivery method available.

You can expect to receive a much higher percentage of your dosage than the standard delivery method, greatly reduce the waste of your prescription and save on your healthcare costs thanks to the increased efficiency of the Apogee.

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For Your Doctor

Dynaris is proud to work alongside patients and doctors to provide what’s best for every individual’s needs. We’ve made it convenient for doctors to send their patient prescriptions straight to us. Make sure that you’ve consulted your healthcare provider prior to determine that Dynaris is the right choice for you. Click the button below to download our Physician’s Letter to present to your healthcare provider. This document contains all the information they need to know about the Apogee.