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The Dynaris Apogee is FDA Cleared

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Oxygen Delivery Means Nothing If It Can’t Reach Its Target

Your patients’ current oxygen delivery methods are outdated, wasteful and ineffective compared to what’s next. These original systems haven’t changed in decades and continue to deliver oxygen equally to each nostril despite studies proving the nasal cycle hinders such treatment. While an equal distribution of airflow makes sense, clinical studies have successfully demonstrated that the patient’s oxygen delivery method must be able to detect obstructions (that naturally occur within the nasal cycle) to improve therapy and avoid waste. Dynaris has the only technology that detects nasal blockages and redirects flow to the most patent naris. Patients can now count on receiving their prescribed dosage without wasting oxygen or needing to increase their oxygen flow rate to compensate. Dynaris Technology is designed for the nasal cycle and other nasal resistance attributes.